Busch Gardens & Celebrating Our 2 year Anniversary

Gary and I had dinner and did a little window shopping for our actual anniversary, but we decided (Gary’s idea) to go to Busch Gardens Europe to celebrate instead of exchanging anniversary gifts. We had a blast! We spent the whole day there on Saturday from 10:00am til closing time at 10:00pm. Aside from the heat, it was a perfect trip.

We stayed at the Mariott’s Manor Club at Ford’s Colony. I would definitely go back and highly recommend it based on our last stay. It was too hot and we were too tired to chill at the pool, but the area was very pretty and check in and check out was seamless.

So anyway, here we are before we headed off to Busch Gardens at the hotel before the heat got to us:

I didn’t take videos of all the rides and thing there, but here is a video short of our trip (note: I didn’t spend much time on it):

and check out this video, I actually wanted to take a video on a roller coaster but you aren’t supposed to and I didn’t have enough memory card – but this is cool, someone took a video – front row on the Griffon ride:

Thanks to all of you who wished us anniversary wishes, and sent us cards!

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