A visit to the Emergency Room

It’s around 4 something am and Gary just started on bag 2 of 3 of the 1000mL of Sodium Chloride bags.

We had a normal day, didn’t eat anything out of the ordinary . . . The throwing up and other ailments started at 8:00pm and continued on. Later he tried the Gatoraid I went out and got him and then Sprite. It seemed like he was better, but 30 minutes later back to throwing up and he couldn’t even keep water down.

So we went to the emergency room around 2:00am since he was obviously dehydrated and unable to keep anything down and here I am blogging about it since I have nothing to do but wait.

They gave Gary some anti-nausea medication through the IV which seems to be working for now . . .

Earlier there was some woman that overdosed with 7 Xanex and 8 beers – definitely Not a good combination.

I took a photo of the saline drip bags which I’ll add to this blog post later, so that’s all for now . . . There is no comfortable way to sit in these chairs . . .I’m so tired

** update May 21st around 1pm (just woke up)
We got out of the ER around 7:30 am and slept. Looks like Gary got some kind of virus or something and we went to the ER for dehydration . . . they gave him another anti-nausea medication while we were there and he had a total of 4 of the Sodium Chloride bags. I’m off to run errands, fill his prescription and get Jello, etc. Gary is ok now.

I will also add that the people over at Wake Med were extremely efficient and very nice, and they have a cool helicopter that plugs in 🙂

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