How much do you pay for gas?

We filled up the car the other night, and it’s almost time to fill it up again! The other day I posted the photo taken with Gary’s camera phone on my brightkite account (which links up with my twitter). Later that day, Gary’s cousin in Connecticut sent me a photo of gas up there.

So how much do you pay for gas? I saw on another blog, gas in California was $4.11 for regular and I hear on NPR they were saying gas could go up to $7/gal this summer/next year! If that’s the case, time to look into the Prius Hybrid again 😀

Gas in NC:

Gas in CT – evidently they ran out of 4’s up there

5 thoughts on “How much do you pay for gas?

  1. rmb says:

    by the end of the summer, it will be up to $5.00. i’m not sure, but in most eoropean areas, they at least have decent mass transportation. enough to make you turn Amish and buy a horse!

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