I’ve seen a lot of red

So this week I’ve needed a lot of band-aids. I had my yearly physical on Wed. and got 3 shots, 2 in my left arm, 1 in my right. One shot I won’t have to get for another 10 years, and the other two i get the second in 2 months and the other third as well as the second of the third in 6 months.

Last night I was cleaning, kneeling on the floor and there were some sharp metal pointy sewing scissors on top of the bookshelf (which I didn’t see until they were -slow-motion) falling and landing) . . . they fell point down on my leg, above my knee . . . not a fun experience. At least they only punctured my skin twice. Alcohol, extra large bandages, and this morning I feel like someone punched me in my leg, and just after I got over the feeling of someone punching me in my arms from the shots the other day.

*sad face*
(clearly showing you that cleaning can be hazardous to your health 😉 )

Another part of my yearly physical to check cholesterol, blood cell counts, and whatever else they need to check for (blood work) requires 24 hour or so fasting – but I think I’ll wait til next week. I’ve seen enough red I can handle for now.

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