~ art to wear fashion show

The fashion show had a lot of very talented designers. Here are a few of the designs, but there were so many more:

The designers had short mini-shoots of their collection before the fashion show. Here are some of the designs from the designers I photographed.

** click on the thumbnails below to see a larger view:

Jenna Bost’s Collection (Elemental), such as earth, wind, water . . .

Shelly Smith’s Collection (Recycled Couture), I especially liked the make-up and bits of glitter and the hair pieces of these two models:

This was from Iris Chen and Maria Juri’s Collection (le cafe’ delicieux), inspired by coffee and teas:

Brandon Alley and Krisitin Grieneisen’s Collection (Re-purposing Glamour), the designs below were made from gloves and ties:

Vansana Nolintha’s Colleciton (Prayers and Meditation), who also had the tallest and longest of all the designs:

The Art to Wear Fashion show was very professionally done, and there were a lot of people that helped to make it a successful evening for a lot of amazing designers. Thanks to Amy who organized the photography and videography.

-> News and Observer Story and Photos HERE
-> Art to Wear Photos on TheRealNC.com HERE

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