~ AATS Fashion Show

I’m in the middle of fashion show season 2008, and there are so many talented designers in North Carolina. the AATS had their show in Raleigh with Scholarship money for the winners and here are some of the pieces from different collections from the show:

** click on the thumbnails below to see a larger view:

4 thoughts on “~ AATS Fashion Show

  1. Martha E. Cartagena says:

    Dear Miss. Rima Lamir,
    We love your creations, and are very proud of you!!!!!! keep the good work.

    your forever friend,

    Piñata latina

  2. Connie Octa Cantelmo says:

    Hi Rima,

    I forwarded your fashion designs to Mira. She loved it and would like to model for you when she comes back to the US. She has had quite a bit of experience modeling in the Philippines. Good luck and wishing you all the success.

    Ms. Connie

  3. Jane Mather says:

    Rima, these fashions are awesome! And to think, I knew you when you were only 9 years old.
    You have an exciting future ahead.
    Jane Mather

  4. Linda Hayes says:

    Your designs are really beautiful! I cannot imagine how difficult it is to create the entire garment…you are really going to be a top designer.

    It seems like only a few months ago that we all drove to the mountains so you could see your first ever snow!!! You were a sweetie then, and you still are.

    Your Aunt Linda

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