~ My New Recipes Blog!

I love cooking, baking, and food in general! I’ve created a new blog, just for the recipes I try and for other info and related news.

If you ever come to dinner at our house, or we bring over a dish and I like the recipe, you should be able to find it on my other site! I don’t have a lot up there yet, but I will soon and with pictures most likely if I have time between chopping, mincing, and browning 🙂

I have a link to it under Sue-Leigh’s Links if you forget the link –>

Check it Out!

Forgot to mention, we had friends over for dinner this past weekend. Here are some recipes to be on the look out for that I made!

  • Chili-Avocado Dip (Appetizer)
  • Ultimate Shepherd’s Pie
  • Tuscan Style Pasta with Chick Peas, Zucchini, and Rosemary
  • Hot and Spicy Stuffed Mushrooms
  • Mango Coconut Bread Pudding (dessert)

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