Forensic Photography Certificate-ed

I’m certified . . . wait, I got a certificate -ha 😉
No, I’m not going into forensic photography, so no worries to my 2008 and future wedding couples, I won’t be disappearing to the police academy, but being a photographer I’m interested in learning about what other fields do with photography. So I took a class that taught what forensic photographers do and it was very informative about what they shoot and how methodically they shoot it. Afterwards I got a neat certificate saying I took the course -woo! It was interesting seeing the shots our instructor had from past cases and the stories that went with each one. Some were extremely graphic cases and photos -kudos to forensic photographers. For what they see and how they contribute to society to help CSI close cases, they aren’t paid a lot, don’t always have set schedules like a 9-5, and sometimes are working for 48 hours straight. Its not all glamorous like the tv shows. I’d go into some of the stories but there are too many, and all the little details are crazy. I really appreciate the time that is put into a case and it’s nice to know that there are devoted people to make sure the outcome of a case and what happened in it is as scientifically accurate as possible.

2 thoughts on “Forensic Photography Certificate-ed

  1. megan says:

    i am interested in going into the field of forensic photography…just wondering how you got your certificate, where and did it cost anything to take the class? if you have any info you can give me to make my dream career come true it would be much appreciated, you can email me any time. thanks

  2. ~Sue-Leigh says:

    Hi Megan,
    The class I took was more of an interest/overview class, and the certificate was more “honorary”.

    If you are interested in being a forensic photographer, I would definitely research the need in your area and in general, the pay, requirements, etc.

    From what our instructor told us, it’s not a very well paid job, but you get to tell a lot of stories, and if its something you enjoy, that may outweigh other factors.

    You may want to contact someone at a local police station, and also research courses and definitely talk to someone already in the field with your questions etc.

    Hope that helps!


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