4 Hours of Sleep, But Back in Raleigh Safe

We got back home on Wed the 20th. What took us 14 hours to drive going up to Chicago took us 16 hours to drive home. I did find out that I really like Monster energy drinks. The Loca Mocha is so good and I had 3, which is why I was able to drive for 13 hours. We were driving in snow, and West Virginia has some very windy roads that aren’t lit so we were going 50mph . . . slowed us down. I think I got home around 3:30am and went to bed around 4:30am after unpacking the car and seeing the surprise Gary had for me. The upstairs was cleaned, carpets steam cleaned, and he painted the red room (6 coats) to a lovely peach shade we had picked out a while ago. It was definitely a lot of work, and while I was in Chicago, he told me he was sick for the past 3 days but instead he was doing all of this work . . . awwww. He also hung hooks in the closet for me to hang my bags from, and cleaned out the closets, put rods in the other closets, did a TON of laundry . . . so much other stuff.

The last night in Chicago we went to Udupi Palace which had great Indian food, and afterwards we hung out at Martini Club, which overcharged us by saying we had more than we did which was physically impossible, but what can you do? Pay cash and move on. It was late and we were tired, but here are the pics from that evening!




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