Rain > CTA > No Aqarium > Food

So today we spend most of our time wandering around, looking for the Shedd Aquarium. We finally found the bus stop and the CTA lines and unfortunately used the directions on the Shedd Aquarium website.

We found the blue line, and then found bus #146, and that’s where we spent a lot of time walking. We did find a Starbucks for brunch which was good. Walking to the CTA line was wet, later it was rainy, and all this time we are carrying around our camera gear. So we didn’t really shoot anything due to the rain, and by the time we found the aquarium was 10 blocks away from where we were at the moment, we wouldn’t have much time to spend there.

So we decided to head back to the hotel and go tomorrow since we know how the public transportation works. On the way back to the hotel, we spoke to some people who made it to the aquarium and their hotel gave them the easiest directions . . . they gave us the slip of paper. Something about bus #12, and getting off at a different train exit. We made it back to our hotel and found a brochure for the Shedd Aquarium which had the ‘easy’ directions. Sigh. Who would have known the directions on the aquarium website would be wrong and/or incomplete and the guy at the front desk gave us faulty advice, but oh well, we saw a lot of the city.

Got back to the hotel and hung out, dried out, relaxed, rested. We found a place to go for dinner, The Chicago Diner which was so good, a vegetarian/vegan restaurant. I had a potato soup and a ravioli dish. We found it pretty quickly. . . blue line > bus, but we walked slowly because of the icy sidewalks. A 5 minute walk really takes 30 minutes -haha. 😀

us waiting for the train to arrive!

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