Cinderella Goes Back in the Disney Vault January 31st 2008


I saw a commercial that Cinderella was going back into the Disney Vault! So when I had to exchange something at Target yesterday I got my Special Edition.

Here is the Cinderella Official Website:

I have heard it was around 10 years movies would stay in the vault, but I have heard something about releases after 5 years



3 thoughts on “Cinderella Goes Back in the Disney Vault January 31st 2008

  1. rmb says:

    101 Dalmations will be coming out in march, and there is time to get the jungle book, and i think, peter pan – if you want to collect the disney disks.

  2. breezy says:

    dont know how often you check this but do you know if its already in the vault tomorrow or at the end of the day tomorrow it will go in?

  3. ~Sue-Leigh says:

    I believe I heard/read somewhere that it goes in the vault at midnight on the 31st of this month, but I’m sure some stores haven’t sold out completely yet šŸ™‚

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