Google Sync your Google Calendar with your Blackberry Calendar

sync.gif Google Sync is Awesome!

I downloaded Google Sync today on my Blackberry.  If you use the Google Calendar, Google Sync will update your online Google calendar with your blackberry calendar. You can find it at from your phone

You may have to download a patch for your software which you can download from your blackberry at it may take a couple of tries and a minute or two to get to the download page.

When I was notified to update my patch, I was directed to which has all the info.

3 thoughts on “Google Sync your Google Calendar with your Blackberry Calendar

  1. Just PO'd says:

    What a bunch of crap. I downloaded Google Sync on my BB 8300, but it complains of the CalendarPatch that’s needed. I go to the BB site and it says it’s not available. Come to find out 4.4.89 already has the patch, but GS doesn’t know that.

    Technology sucks.

  2. ~Sue-Leigh says:

    that stinks, yeah technology keeps changing . . . i got a new blackberry since this post and didn’t have to download the upgrade, i just downloaded google sync and it worked fine first time

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