I Got A Jar of Diirt, I Got A Jar of Diirt!

jar-of-dirt.jpg Yes! Gary gave me a jar of dirt for Christmas which was SUPER thoughtful (I thought he gave it to me because I love Pirates of the Caribbean movies)! I almost liked it more than the gift he was leading up to! So I was told i already got my gift which was a birthday/Christmas gift (ring.jpg) so . . .

I got “Instead”elmo-boat.jpgan Elmo Submarine which just made me laugh since I just thought it was a joke and that Gary didn’t know what to get me, A Captain Jack Sparrow Action Figurinejack.jpg, a Jar of Dirt which i LOVE and almost feel like Jack here: dirt.jpg, and a model of the Queen Mary (no photo) which I thought was a little odd since I didn’t remember expressing a particular interest in putting models together. . .

All of these were either boat related or Caribbean related (Pirates of the Caribbean) and I didn’t put anything together since I wasn’t expecting much . . .

the last box held two brochures for cruises to the Caribbean! We just booked our trip today for 2008 and I am Super Excited!

We will be taking a 7 day Cruise later in 2008 and I can’t wait! These are the destinations we will be going to! cruise.jpg

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