A lot of little things happen and I usually always have my point-and-shoot camera.  Sometimes I take one photo and then forget to look at it, so I was going through my camera and also took some photos in the past couple of weeks.  So a bit of randomness I am sharing with you 🙂

Gary’s dad gave me this really pretty arrangement from some function he had attended.

and this is a photo of my fishie Maximus2. I shot it with the macro feature on my Canon point and shoot

here is a photo of something I drew on a white board upside down

and this is something i doodled in a meeting . . . helps me think – to doddle 🙂

I loved all the buttons in this elevator . . . I kind of wanted to press them all 😛

One thought on “Randomness

  1. rmb says:

    Love how your fishie seems to enjoy posing and your doddles are fun! The arrangement is sure pretty and as for the buttons – go ahead and push them all!!!
    : D

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