New Laptop!

My almost 3 year old laptop was on its last (leg)? I’m on my computer daily for hours on end working on personal projects and photos, and after 2-3 years it’s time for a new one anyway. We had the opportunity, the timing was right, and before my old computer dies! In record time, exactly one week from ordering from Dell, my new computer arrived! And the best part – it’s PINK!

dell-flamingo-pink.jpg I’m in heaven 😮

5 thoughts on “New Laptop!

  1. Daina says:

    Well being a girly teenage girl, pink is odviously my favorite color! Everything i ask for, i always ask for it in pink, infact all my binders in school, all my folders, notebooks, pencils, paper everything i have is PINK! So hitting the age of 15 i really wanted a laptop coming into my first year of high school as a freshmen. I know not only would it allow me to download all my personal settings on it, but it could let me do all my school work in private and i wouldn’t have to hear my older brother bugging me to get off the computer because he has download a new song on his ipod off of i tunes. This would be a perfect gift for me! Luckly Christmas was inching its way up until it was one week away. I was on break and i decided to bring up the question to my father about it. I said ” Hmmm… you know dad i haven’t told santa what i wanted for christmas yet.” My father looked up from the Sunday paper he was reading and simply stated… “well what do you want?” with a chuckle at the end that to me said, “what else could you want.” Then i explained everything about the laptop. He considered it. I didnt say anything else to him about it, But i was thinking about the price. Dell had my back though, they have many different models of laptops and they have affordable ones as well. Christmas morning came so fast, and what do you know, my dad gets a laptop for everyone in my family including himself! He got a black one, my mother a yellow one, my oldest brother David a blue one, my other brother Derik a brown one and myself of course the pink one! It was amazing, like the computer! I would most def. recomend it to anyone, and its a strong computer. So this is to all the fathers who have kids like me out there, this computer is totally worth it!

  2. xoxo says:

    it looksss beautifuul<3 since i am a teeneager as well pink is the color i go for first. as you no the hilidays are comingg, and im interested in a pink laptop(under 1000). Can you help? or give any tippss?

  3. pink says:

    Pink Sony Vaio
    I purchased this Vaio from the Sony website. You can get the same machine, only you can choose your own specs: (such as a larger hard drive, faster processor etc). It’s an extremely attractive machine (hey, it’s pink that’s one of the reasons you are buying it, right?), the exterior is very sturdy the screen bright and clear, and the design is very modern.

    It is also virtually soundless although the hard drive can make a really high-pitched sound when its accessing. The battery power is decent, although I opted to upgrade my battery.

    Negatives: I found the vista edition less integrated with the Sony hardware than I would like. For instance, you cannot play DVDs in media center even though it has that option. Media center doesn’t recognize the dvd drive. Instead you can only use Wind..

  4. Pink Sony Vaio says:

    I think introducing a pink Vaio is the best idea that Sony has ever made since it started manufacturing electronics. Pink is a color universal to all women, transcending culture, race and religion. No wonder it’s such a best seller among ladies. – Tanya Bayo

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