Photo Contest!

I thought it would be fun to have a photo contest!

You can take a photo with a point and shoot, a camera phone, an SLR, a polaroid, etc. Even a pin-hole camera! The main rules are:

  • Anyone can participate!
  • no major photo editing (for example, don’t edit out an object and super-impose it) let’s keep it a photo contest, and not a photoshop contest 🙂
  • the photo was taken this year (2007)
  • e-mail One (1) photo per contest to and put ‘Photo Contest’ in the Subject Line, put the photo in the body if you can or attach it.
  • Pass this contest on to more people! -The more people that participate, the better the prizes can get, and if you have future contest suggestions, questions, anything else, leave a comment.

Submit a Photo that best describes ‘October’ to you, what does October make you think of? (fall, the fair, cold weather, pumpkins, halloween?)

Submissions due October 29th, 2007. I’ll pick a winner and post October 31st 2007. Winner gets a $10 itunes gift certificate and if you have a website/personal page, e-mail it to me with your submissions and I’ll post the link if you’re the winner. Runner-ups may also get posted.

Happy Shooting!

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