I’ve Been Tagged!

I got tagged by James. So I read the rules and I’m supposed to write eight things about myself that most people may not know about me, and when I’m done, then it’s my turn to tag other people with blogs and they get to do the same.

So here are my 8 things you may not know about me!

  1. I lost one of the first cameras I ever had in a bathroom at the Zoo. My mom told me not to take the camera off my neck- but I did and forgot to pick it back up again (I was young!). I remembered as soon as I walked out of the bathroom and turned around, but someone had already grabbed it. We went to the lost and found and gave them our info, but the day was ruined and we went home. I had to save up my own money to buy myself another camera, but I remember picking out the one I wanted. It was a cool 35mm automatic camera, and I used it up until I got my first digital point and shoot. I doubt I knew then how cameras and photography would play a role in my life 🙂
  2. I was a children’s mystery book reviewer and was published in the Meritorious Mysteries Newsletters when I was a teen and worked for Wellington Books in Cary which is now long gone.
  3. I went through the little girl phases of loving horses, then it was seals, and I was in the loving whales and dolphins phase for a long time where I was up for moving to California or Florida to be an Oceanographer “when I grow up”. I also wanted to be a storm chaser after I saw the movie Twister in the theaters when it first came out with a friend of mine. We both thought it would be a cool job if we didn’t have families.
  4. I went through a sporty phase. I liked jogging, playing soccer, and had a “military phase” where I wanted to be in the Army, Air force, Marines, Coast Guard, Reserves, Blue Angels, and Navy Seals (my Coast Guard phase overlapped the oceanography phase). Now as many of you know, I’m all about pink and girly stuff.
  5. I used to model (like all other girls that are interested in it when they are young) though it’s a great confidence booster and can be a great learning experience. I also taught modeling classes which was fun, but never did anything else with that.
  6. I was a magician’s assistant for at least 5 years? I started out interested in magic and later on, a guy I knew did stage illusions with his wife who was pregnant, so I was going to be a fill in, but then just became part of the show.
  7. Pet peeve – I can’t stand it when people “make up my mind” when it comes to my schedule. Like, not asking me if I am free because they think I am busy without asking me.
  8. I never noticed it before but Gary pointed out that I put ketchup on each individual french fry instead of dipping my french fries

well, that wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be . . . and now my tag-ees:







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