This is a Great Month!

This is a great month for me! I’ve had so much going on and so much coming up!

I will be shooting products for a company that currently sells their products in home improvement stores (Lowe’s, Home Depot, Ace Hardware) and they are changing and updating their advertising and planning on using my photos in their advertising brochures, marketing materials, website, and their in-store displays! So I might be taking a few trips to Lowe’s if that’s the case 😀

In the next couple of weeks I should have some of my work published in an online industry magazine which I just shot today . . .

and we have a new addition for the house which is a Surprise that Gary doesn’t know about yet!

So I can’t tell you what it is. And no commenting about it if I have already told you about it!

I’ll be taking a trip to the mountains soon, and we have plans to visit the Biltmore Estate while we are there, and I have never been yet, so really looking forward to that . . .

SO check back soon for more updates and photos!

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