Our Anniversary Weekend!

1000 miles in 4 days ‘from the mountains to the ocean’ . . .

Thursday morning drove to Hendersonville NC for a Friday wedding. Drove home Friday afternoon, and for our one year anniversary, Gary surprised me with a trip to the beach for the weekend which we left for on Saturday morning which was so much fun, even though it rained off and on Sunday.

I didn’t take many pictures since I’ve been to most of the places before but it was fun relaxing and spending time together. It honestly doesn’t feel like we have been married a year . . . we still have to defrost the top of our wedding cake . . . year old wedding cake mmmm, I wonder how that will taste.

Saturday we went into Beaufort for a little shopping and stopped into a quaint wine shop for a bit of wine and cheese. Then for dinner we went to the Channel Marker (a restaurant we go to every time we go to the Atlantic beach). I love their scallops and their clam chowder 🙂

Sunday rained a lot off and on

so we went to the NC Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores

there was a shark about 3 times his size but he wouldn’t hold still

Gary and I have talked about learning to scuba dive someday . . . it would be so fun to check out some real wrecks and do a little under water photography

this guy was pretty, a lion fish . . . I didn’t feel like hanging around for a picture of him facing me, but he has great patterns

afterwards we went to Fort Macon since it was sunny out, and there was going to be a musket firing demonstration at 2:00, but at exactly 2:00 it started raining again for a bit but then it stopped again. and we didn’t feel like staying to see if the rain would start up again, so we left before it did. I did like this sign though


and then we went to the Beaufort Historic Maritime Museum and of course it was pouring then . . . I absolutely LOVE the blackbeard bear that is at the museum . . . i wish they sold a replica of it, i would buy one in an instant!


Monday (today) we took a 15 minute, very wet boat trip to Shackleford Island to see the wild horses which I have always wanted to do, but unfortunately we could only stay for an hour and it took 30 minutes to walk 3 miles down the island before we saw any horses (about 9 miles total). I was about 20 feet from them, and I’m sure I could have gotten closer if I wanted to . . . though they do warn you that the horses do bite and kick -heh




and then we went to Finz where we sat outside for lunchimg_0075_.jpg

One thought on “Our Anniversary Weekend!

  1. Beth says:

    Wow, Gary is all about surprising you! Kudos to the two of you for keeping it exciting. Happy belated anniversary! Looks like he planned a great trip. Glad you finally got to go to Shackleford Island. The horses are so beautiful. I went to an aquarium last weekend too – the one in Baltimore!

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