A Busy, Busy, Weekend!

I took a half day at work on Friday and left around lunch time to get ready for my friends’ Beth and Corey’s wedding rehearsal. Afterwards we went to the Rehearsal dinner at the Irregardless where there were some really great jazz players (guitarist Lou and saxophonist Bobby). Then Gary and I saw Shrek 3 which was really cute and got home around midnight.

The next morning with my alarm set for 6:30am I got up for a fashion shoot in Chapel Hill.

Sunday (today) was Beth and Corey’s wedding which was at the Raleigh Little Theatre‘s Rose Garden. It is so beautiful right now with everything in bloom.

So with my feet sore now (though the wedding and everything was a blast!)  I still have more products to shoot (this evening?)  and a looot of photos to look at, so check back soon!

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