Weekend Update

Saturday shoot canceled – rain in the evening around 5pm.

I steam cleaned the rugs with my new Bissell rug steam cleaner I got Saturday morning, which took a while to do, but it was fun – though I’m sure the novelty will wear off eventually, but it does an awesome job and it looks like we have a new rug!

Happy Mother’s day to all you mothers out there! We had breakfast with my parents and lunch with Gary’s parents today which was nice . . .

This evening I have been working on the photos from the Leaders Building Leaders Event . . . here are a few I really liked:







One thought on “Weekend Update

  1. rmb says:

    Again, well done!!! I particularly like the eagle, the two B&W pictures of the man sitting alone, and the 2 men men sitting with the woman. I’m not exactly sure what the red box was about, but it was a nice, bright red!

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