bad weather = no shoots = no photos

I would have photos up, but I have had 4 shoots canceled this month! Granted, two shoots were on the same day and are going to be combined, but still!

  • April 7th shoot canceled due to 50 degree weather
  • April 14th shoot canceled because of someone evidently not serious and certainly not professional, which just wasted my day since I could have scheduled another shoot . . . arg
  • April 15th shoot canceled due to intermittent rain and a tornado watch or something

Last week, was going to go shooting with a friend, but of course it had to rain that night, so instead we went to Moes watched a movie, and had soy ice-cream.

Last weekend Gary and his dad (with truck) trimmed the bushes in front of our house . . . we will be painting the house soon which will be nice (so we are prepping) . . . we are thinking a yummy warm, buttery yellow.

As always we have dinners with friends and family, and a wedding coming up at the end of the month, and two of the shoots rescheduled and Gus got a bath and trim on Sunday.

I am also fairly psyched about my new glade car scented oil (air freshener) in ‘tropical moment’. I was afraid it would be a nauseating sickly sweet scent that would make me want to hurl every time i got into my car, but it’s actually quite pleasant which makes me happy.

Oh, and the ever fun Taxes 😡

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