Juror #12

Summoned for Jury Duty.

Monday morning, 9:00am I was at the courthouse, checked in, watched a short video on jury duty, sat around in the jury lounge for 5.5 hours doing nothing. Last time I was called for jury duty, I wasn’t needed and I went home, so I wasn’t expecting to hang around for so long. So I skimmed through the few magazines available, had breakfast and lunch, text messaged a few people, made notes and drawings in a notebook.

2:37pm: My name was called with 29 other potential jurors and we went downstairs to courtroom B. 12 people were called and asked to sit in the jury box.

Everyone was aked a series of questions, the first being your name, your occupation, your spouses occupation. Then questions such as have you served on a jury before, do you know the district attorney, the defendant, the defendant’s lawyer.

This particular case was driving while under the influence (of marijuana) and possession of less than half an oz. of marijuana. So a series of questions as to why you thought you were unable to give a fair trial were asked, such as do you know anyone that has been a victim of reckless driving, marijuana, bad experiences with cops/state troopers, etc.

After the DA had asked a few people to leave, and after a few replacements, and was finally happy with the 12, the defendant’s lawyer got to whittle down who he did not think would give a fair trial, which was the 12th spot. I was the 12th juror selected after the 12th spot has been replaced quickly about three times. I did not get intensive questioning, everyone was pleased with the last juror, as well they should be 🙂

An alternate was picked, and an hour and a half later, a jury has been finally selected.

The trial started around 4:00pm and we heard from one side. at ten til 5:00 we would continue the next day at 9:30am.

Tuesday morning at 9:30am, we continued where we had left of. Questions from both sides, etc. etc. We then had to deliberate and decide from memory and based on what the law is, not what we think it should be or what we would like it to be, and based soley on the evidence presented.  We finished uparound mid afternoon.

Fun experience, and I get $12 for the first day and $20 for the second. Hurray -haha

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