Stride Gum, Rediculously long lasting?

So have any of you seen those commercials for Stride Gum? It’s supposed to be so rediculously long lasting that the company should be going out of business. Check out the funny notice they have on their website:

Take the Challenge!

My theory before we even started was that there was something in the gum that numbs your tongue so you think you are tasting flavour, and my friend asked ” i wonder what kind of chemicals we are ingesting to make the taste last that long . . . maybe they put formaldyhide”

So I got the Spearmint flave and we timed it. It has a strong smell (since I could smell it through the plastic packaging) and the flave isn’t bad. I started at 12:53 and about 28 minutes later the flavour was pretty much gone.

So with (on the back of the package) 30% less fewer calories @ <5 calories, and I needed gum anyway . . . it might last a bit longer than some gums, but it’s not at all Rediculously long lasting.

I like the advertizing though, interesting concept . . .
(Plus it has the very cool ‘S’ logo on its packaging 🙂 and makes good bubbles)

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