Our State North Carolina Photo Contests

Monthly Photo Contests for the magazine ‘Our State North Carolina’
Check out ‘The Photographers Page’: http://www.ourstate.com/mag/photo.html
Here is where you can find an assortment of photo needs not listed on the editorial calendar. Since the content of the magazine is a work-in-progress, we will endeavor to update this page as new articles come in. Incidentally, we work several months in advance and prefer to use seasonal images when possible—please keep this in mind when shooting and submitting photography. Specific needs are listed below:

APRIL 2007 deadline 2/1/2007
Photo Essay: “Wild About Flowers” wildflowers throughout the state
“mini” Photo Essay: Panthertown Valley in Jackson County (Spring / Summer shots are preferred)

MAY 2007 deadline 3/1/2007
Photo Essay: “Double Take” seven lighthouses shown in contrasting scenes (summer + winter, sunrise + sunset, etc.). This is our annual coastal and lighthouse issue.
May town: King
May county: Madison

JUNE 2007 deadline 3/30/2007
Photo Essay: “Signs of the Times” old and vintage signs that hearken to another era
June town: Burnsville

JULY 2007 deadline 4/27/2007
Photo Essay: “Reader Photo Contest” We are looking for amateur entries for the contest, submissions similar to what we get for the Tar Heel Image (the photo featured on the last page of every Our State). While the submissions are open to everyone, if you are a regular contributor or a professional you might want to sit this one out. Instead of our regular submissions address, contest submissions should be sent here: Our State Reader Photo Contest, P.O. Box 4552, Greensboro, NC 27404
July town: Lumberton

AUGUST 2007 deadline 5/25/2007
Photo Essay: “Front Row Seats” visually demonstrate the drama of theaters across the state
August town: Hillsborough

SEPTEMBER 2007 deadline 6/29/2007
Photo Essay: “Back to School” a nostalgic look at schoolrooms and schoolhouses of yesteryear
September town: Hendersonville
September county: Carteret

OCTOBER 2007 deadline 7/27/2007
Photo Essay: “The Midas Touch” the sun-kissed gold of a North Carolina Autumn
October town: Wilson

NOVEMBER 2007 deadline 8/31/2007
Photo Essay: Beautiful North Carolina sunsets
November town: Laurinburg
November county: Durham

DECEMBER 2007 deadline 9/28/2007
Photo Essay: “Christmas Presence” a look at historical celebrations and traditions in NC—photographs of places, decorations, architectural details, docents dressed up in period costumes at various venues for events, etc.
December town: Statesville

*** Anyone up for some field trips this year? ***

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