A Different Kind of Tripod


So I found out about this Gorilla pod on another blogger’s blog http://xof711.wordpress.com/

Kind of a neat concept [http://www.joby.com/gp3.html] There are three kinds, the gorilla pod for compact cameras, the slr, and the slr-zoom which is is $50, weighs 8.5oz and can support 6.6 lbs.

It looks like it could be useful if you were shooting same-location or knew you needed to attach your camera to a pole and you would most likely get the most use out of it with a shutter release.

Prolly one of those toys that would be fun to have, but not sure how much use one would get from it since I use my tripods not only for stability, but also for their height . . . and they are a pain as it is to move, let alone to have to climb up a pole and unravel each time.

I might give this do-dad a better “review” if they sent me one to try out 😉


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