New Feature

So I’ve heard from some (well, really only one – and you know who you are 😯 ) that some of the pictures are cut off in some of the blog posts.

This is because you have either a square monitor (versus wide-screen) and/or your monitor setting for screen resolution is too low.

Therefore, I will be making it possible for you to click on the image, which will bring you to just the image in it’s own window.

If the image looks compressed in its new window, click on it once more to see it in full size.

Click your browser’s ‘back’ button to return to my blog.

I’m doing this because bigger pictures are better than smaller ones that you can’t really see and eventually I will find a template I actually like and that won’t cut off pictures for those of you with smaller monitors/screen resolutions.

Love Ya! 😀
now stop complaining! 😡

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