We’re in ‘Southern Bride and Groom’ and ‘The Knot’ Magazines

Check out Southern Bride and Groom Volume XXIV/2007 pages 36-37. Barclay Villa used the photos from our wedding taken by Walters & Walters in their 2 page spread! (one of the photographers was Jessica Key).

Today I went to the Forever Bridal Show at the Fairgrounds and saw Teresa and Dee there . . . they told me that we were in their ad and to check it out. I wouldn’t have known about it if I hadn’t gone . . .

All the photos (except the one in the very right bottom on the second page) were taken at our wedding. It’s so cool to see our wedding pictures in print where a ton of people see it!

Here is the front cover if you are looking for the mag




One of the photos from our wedding was also used on the back cover of The Knot North Carolina magazine Spring/Summer 2007, but it’s the same photo used on the first page of the Southern Bride and Groom mag. ad (first one in the second row where you can see the ballroom and the table setting).

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