Save lids to save lives… now that’s a lot of yogurt!

btn_top_commit_on.gif A good cause. So far I have 16 lids, but not sure how much yogurt I can eat between now and December 31st!

Breast Cancer Initiative from the website:

Every lid matters, because every lid gets us closer to our goal of giving $1.5 million to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. For every lid we get, we’ll donate 10 cents to the Foundation, up to $1.5 million. And we guarantee to donate at least $500,000.

Working together, one lid at a time, we can get there. So, this is a chance for each of us to take part in the search for a cure. Doing your part couldn’t be easier.

  • Beginning in September 2006, look for the pink lids on packages of Yoplait® Original, Light, Thick and Creamy, Light Thick and Creamy, Whips!, Yoplait Smoothies, and Nouriche.
  • Save them, wash them, and mail them in before December 31 2006.

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