Busch Gardens Trip

Busch Gardens Europe was fun!
On Friday, Beth, Adrienne, and I drove up to Virginia, and we picked up Lisa at the Newport News airport. Since Lisa’s flight was delayed and the three of us ate later, we weren’t hungry so just went back to the hotel, and, I got some really cute stuff!

A hat and a white t-shirt that says Bride on it, and a black shirt with batchelorette written in bling (which you can see in the pictures of us at Busch Gardens) and Hershey’s milk chocolate Bars with personalized wrappers:

We spent all of Saturday at Busch Gardens and then crashed at the hotel at the end of the night.

DarKastle Ride, not worth the 1.5/2hr(?) wait

Apollo’s Chariot:

An Anheurser-Busch Clydesdale:

Sunday we went to the Williamsburg Winery for a short tour and tastings.

I got 3 wines. One of which we tasted, the other two we did not. The Raspberry Merlot, the Jamestown Cellars Settlers’ Spiced Wine, and the Virginia Trianon 2002 (one of their Reserve wines)

I am looking forward to having the Raspberry Merlot with cheesecake some evening, and the spiced wine around the holidays when it gets cold again (a merlot-cabernet sauvignon blend that has cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, and other spices that were added to it). The Trianon is a cabernet-franc, and while I can’t find what notes are in it, I remember fruity and hints of cocoa. We’ll let it age for a bit 🙂

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