~ Who’s Bad?

shaba-logo Gary and I met up with our friends Mike and Daniel for Sushi at Shaba Shabu, a Sushi and Thai restaurant which was pretty good.  First time we had been there, so we got the sushi.

lincoln theatre

Daniel had to be somewhere after dinner, and Gary had been working all day and had to get to bed, so after they left, Mike and I went to the Lincoln Theatre to see a Michael Jackson tribute band ‘Who’s Bad‘ and they did a really good job.  I checked out some youtube videos and they did so much better last night.  They performed a lot of the popular songs, a song from the Jackson Five time, popular faves, and they were definitely high energy with the singing and dancing.  Even the sax and trumpet players were high energy backup dancing.  The lighting was great for a small venue, including the back-lit songs, and there was even moon walking 🙂

whose bad

Sushi Date Night

Gary and I went to Waraji for date night and the sushi there is so good! I took some photos with my point and shoot while we waited for our food. And if you have never had it, try Red Bean Ice Cream, its delicious – my fave, Gary likes the green tea ice cream.


we had a nice assortment of sushi, my fave aside from the unagi was the sweet dragon roll

and this was the 18 wheeler that was overturned and created traffic thursday morning