Stop 1: St. Thomas

20111215-195907.jpgWe learned later from other cruisers, that our trip originally had Puerto Rico as the first top but it was removed, so that’s why we had 2 days at sea instead.

The boat arrived at St. Thomas in the morning. We Got up around 8:30/9:00 and had breakfast. The gangway opened at 10:00, so we planned on leaving at 10:30 to avoid the rush, but they announced that they were going to test the elevators at 10:20 for a few minutes, but it lasted until 11:10, so we finally left after that.

20111215-195928.jpgWe got outside and took a taxi/open van ride with other cruise members. It was $4 per person, which is the standard rate set by the government, which wasn’t bad. The drive was about 15 minutes into the main part of town where we walked around a bit, looked at some of the shops, etc for a couple of hours. Then we took a taxi/van back to the ship and had lunch on the Lido deck.

20111215-195933.jpgGary went back to the room to read and rest, my dad wanted to explore the ship, and my mom and I went back out to check out the shops that were right outside of the boat in easy walking distance.

My mom spotted this neat flower planter that looked like a big wicker basket.20111215-195945.jpg

Afterwards we went back to the ship and I took a nap.

After dinner we went to the ‘MoTown Show’ with Marcus Anthony who has worked with the Supremes, opened for Patty LaBelle and some other musicians. His Website:

20111215-200128.jpgThe towel animals for the evening . . . my parents had gotten a piggy towel animal.  Gary and I got a different kind of elephant than my parents the other night that was sitting on the top of our couch.