Goodbye Philadelphia

our hotel room view

We left Philadelphia around noon and tried seeing the Rocky Statue.  A lot of places were setting up for the 4th of July celebrations, and there were a lot of people around the statue.  So we decided food ruled over getting our pictures – but we did drive by it.

One of Adrienne’s friends said we should go to Chickie’s and Pete’s, so we did that on our way out of the city.  We thought it was good, but nothing amazing.

We then drove to Intercourse, PA where we shopped at a couple stores in town and then continued on.  Saw the Amish horse and buggies, pretty farm land, and lots of cows! ^^

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Dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe

I haven’t been to a hard rock cafe that I can recall, so in Phili, we went to one that wasn’t far from our hotel.

The food was pretty good, but I think my faves were the sides.  The twisted mac and cheese that had a bit of a bite to make it a little spicy, the white cheddar smashed potatoes, and the hot brownie ice-cream dessert that we shared ^^

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At the Penitentiary

Today we went to the Eastern State Penitentiary and listened to stories of the inmates and the guards and about the building.  We saw the cells, including Al Capone’s  . . . it was interesting and the audio tour was pretty well done.

It was definitely worth $11 ($1 off coupon on their website) and the weather was perfect – it wouldn’t have been as much fun if it was hot and humid.

Eastern State Penitentiary:

저는 펜실베니아에 있을 제일 친한 친구의 결혼식에 가려고 해요.

우리는 지금 필라델피아에 있으며, 오늘은 옛날의 감옥을 구경했어요.