~ Ch Ch Ch Chia

chia obamaI was listening to an internet radio station this morning and heard about this new product . . .

a Chia Obama.

Nothing says “proud to be an American” like a clay pot with greenery growing to look like Obama is growing a green fro?

I thought chia pets went out in the 80’s or 90’s

I wonder if Obama got a complimentary one that is growing at the White Hour -haha

~ photographing barack obama

Senator Barack Obama was in Raleigh today for a town hall meeting. There were 2000 tickets available and within a few hours were already given out. Obama’s goal was to ‘focus on the economy and his commitment to investing in middle class families’ and then answered questions from the audience

handing the mic to a 4th grader who won his class election and asked Obama what he could to to become president one day. Obama said jovially, “I should ask you some questions . . . you’ve already won”:

I would have to say, this is a classic Obama (SmiLe):

I love the feeling of this photo:

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