Virginia Mountains


20110717-085132.jpgYesterday, I drove my parents to Virginia to see the mountains.  We stopped off at Natural Bridge first.  20 stories of natural rock was pretty impressive and really pretty to see in person.  We got to see where George Washington Carved his initials in the rock, as well as a few other people from long ago.

I liked that they had a bus to transport you down to the start of the trail, which was great for my parents or you could have taken the trail down.  We got the basic tickets, which was for everything except the caverns.

The ‘Butterfly’s at the Bridge’ wasn’t as big as it sounded on their website – mostly it was a small room with plants and butterfly’s but it was also good so my parent’s didn’t have to walk too much, but could still see the butterflys.

The toy “museum” wasn’t much to look at, but really we went to see the bridge and the butterfly’s.  Afterwards we drove to Roanoke which was only about 45-ish minutes away.


We found a hotel in Roanoke, a nice Mariott and then got some dinner close by.  We stopped off and got a deck of cards after dinner and in the evening, we played cards and watched TV.  I found a regular size deck with cute lil’ doggies, and then I found a smaller Coca Cola deck that I’m going to keep in my purse. 😀

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