Korean Movie Night: My Sassy Girl

Tonight was Korean movie night. We were going to go to the Bulgoki (불고기) taco truck, but they were catering a private event or something, so we got food elsewhere and brought it back to Elissa’s.

The movie tonight was ‘My Sassy Girl’ which was a sweet comedy.  We ate matdongsan (peanut crunchies) and Korean popcorn.

IMDB – My Sassy Girl (Korean Version): http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0293715/


Gary was in Florida for the day for work on Tuesday and I was at the fair with Adrienne.  When I came home, look what Gary had for me!  He usually brings me back a little stuffed something with the name of the state he was visiting, but I had forgotten all about Transformers coming out on DVD yesterday!  Woohoo, date night movie!  And the two disc set, though it would have been neat if they had a transformer figurine that came with it 😀