Sarah P. Duke Gardens in Victoria Magazine

20120311-014859.jpgTonight I was reading this month’s edition (March / April 2012) of Victoria magazine (one I have read off and on since I was a teenager), and I noticed a familiar red bridge.

The Sarah P. Duke Gardens is featured in one of the articles, page spreads 63-64 and 65-66.  I have been there a few times, but usually in off seasons or for weddings.

I am looking forward to spring when I can go and see all the flowers in bloom.  It is definitely a lovely place to visit, well laid out, and free ~ though sometimes it is difficult to find parking (pay per hour)


Published in Beverage World Magazine

It can be exciting to hear that your photos are being used and published, but it’s more exciting seeing it in print! My photo was used in Beverage World Magazine, September 2007. The main photo of the tablet is on page s26, but the thumbnail can be seen on the article pages between s1-s32.