Mini Greenhouse Seed Planting

When I was younger, I remember my mom and I planting seeds and it was fun, though I remember not all of the seeds sprouted.

A few weeks ago, I landscaped the front yard and added a stone wall with some plants, and decided I would plant a few seeds just for fun.  Mostly to see something grow from nothing.  (no mom, please don’t give me any seeds -lol)

This past weekend, I bought a greenhouse tray ($5) with peat pellets that you add water to and they expand.  I like them because they are fast, easy, and fairly mess free, and a few packs of different kinds of seeds (20 cents each).

I planted them yesterday, and the lettuce seeds are growing already!  After ONE day!
Hopefully all the other seeds will start sprouting also.


Flower Boxes

The flower boxes I planted in October here needed some of the flowers replaced ~ some died due to the weather so I bought some more more dianthus and more petunias. I also bought two hanging baskets (mainstays 10.25-inch self-watering hanging planter from walmart, around $6) and planted them with some mixed flowers, but I think I want two more, and I got some other mixed flowers and a planter for the bottom of our stairs outside as well.

I also started digging a flower bed . . . I am thinking of a stone retaining wall and mixed flowers. Photos later once I figure out the area. Also, I need to do all this planting soon before it gets too humid because I don’t garden then ~ plant watering only -haha


Flower Season!

It is flower season!  Time to start thinking about what flowers to plant.  I like browsing up and down the aisle at Lowes or Home Depot and taking pictures of the flowers and their prices.  I use the pics to plan out my flower boxes, but I’m thinking about a flower bed this season, so I needed more plant ideas. 🙂


Sarah P. Duke Gardens in Victoria Magazine

20120311-014859.jpgTonight I was reading this month’s edition (March / April 2012) of Victoria magazine (one I have read off and on since I was a teenager), and I noticed a familiar red bridge.

The Sarah P. Duke Gardens is featured in one of the articles, page spreads 63-64 and 65-66.  I have been there a few times, but usually in off seasons or for weddings.

I am looking forward to spring when I can go and see all the flowers in bloom.  It is definitely a lovely place to visit, well laid out, and free ~ though sometimes it is difficult to find parking (pay per hour)


Northern Richmond VA


Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden
I started at the Robins Visitor Center to get my ticket.  The normal price to get in is $11, but this weekend it was $6.

I’m not sure if it was because of the season or for their Valentines Day special with Tea House Valentine’s menu, but the guy at the desk was very nice and gave me a map and a sheet of flowers to look for that were in bloom or to note.

I wanted to get a bite to eat for lunch, and there are two options . The ‘Tea House’ or the ‘Garden Cafe’. I wanted to check out the Tea Room which was only a few minutes walk from the entrance. When I got there, there were about 6 couples at tables, but no hostess and no servers. I waited for a few minutes, but since no one showed up I left.

I walked around the entire estate, except for the Conservatory and Library, and went back to the Robins Visitor Center to get a bite at the adjoining Garden Cafe. The prices were much better here, around $8 for a sandwich, where as the tea house meals were around $16. I had a grilled salmon sandwich that was quite good. I ate the pickle, but not the chips.

Afterwards, I went to check out the conservatory and the Library.

The conservatory was one reason I was drawn to this Botanical Garden. It is quite lovely and impressive from the outside.

The inside however was pretty, but surprisingly small. The main entrance had a tall glass ceiling and a pretty fountain adorned with plants. To the left was a cute cottage surrounded by flowers, such as pink cyclamen (in the picture).


To the right wing was a section of fountains and orchids. The back section was under construction -no plants yet.

Overall, I liked the garden, but feel I need to give it a second chance in the spring. There looked like covered walkways that would be covered in lovely flowers, a rose garden that would be lovely in bloom. There were sweet little bridges and streams that ran into ponds. The Snydor Lake, I’m sure is more picturesque with flowers in bloom around it.  It seems like a nice place for weddings.

I was a little disappointed in the overall size of the place, but I think it would have taken me longer had there been flowers to look at instead of bare branches, and had I not had to think about how my face and fingers were freezing.


Science Museum of Virginia
About 20-30 minutes away, I went to the Science Museum of Virginia.  It was a neat building that was originally an old train station.  The museum was more geared towards children, a lot of hands on displays.  I think it was a bit pricey for an $11 ticket but  I think it would have been better with kids.  I walked around for about an hour . . . I think I liked the building mostly -lol


Virginia Center for Architecture

After the science museum, I went to the Virginia Center for Architecture.  Partially because it was only a few minutes away, but also because I appreciate good architecture (The small museum section was interesting).  I loved the building, inside and out.  It was small-ish and quaint, and I loved its character.  The grassy garden area enclosed by a brick wall, the style of the house, the windows, the rooms.  So lovely.  I would love to live in that house.


In a few steps walking distance, I saw the Jefferson Davis and Stonewall Jackson Statues.

Virginia Museum of the Fine Arts
About a 5 minute drive away, I went to the Virginia Museum of the Fine Arts.  Parking was $3, but it was Free to see the museum, unless you wanted to see their featured collection (Mummys) or their special exhibit (Photos of Elvis).  My feet were a bit tired from walking all day so I just did the free tour.

I really liked the hallways, corridors, and rooms.  It was a nice layout for exploring and showed off their statues in center areas really well.

I liked their Ancient section with Greek and Roman pieces, the statues, the coloured walls.

I want to go back when their new East Asian Collection opens up.  It will feature Chinese, Japanese, and Korean art.

The photo to the left was the outside section of the Cafe with the reflecting pool

For dinner, I found a Korean restaurant and had bibimbap.  It was nice, but I still like my local fave Korean restaurant ^^