Flat Tire

Last night, on the way from home – I was at a stop light and a fellow ran out to tell me my back tire was low. I waved thanks thinking it was just a little low and needed some air put in.

I got on the highway and the car’s tire pressure system turned on so I knew I needed to get to the tire place right away. Apparently I had to get to Anywhere right away.

I made it to the next exit, where there was an Exxon with a repair shop, and by then the tire was basically flat, which is why I was driving slowly but the irate people behind me didn’t get it, and even when I had my flashing hazard lights on.

The mechanic tried putting air in the tire but the tire wasn’t inflating and he could tell it was completely busted. He put the spare on the car and I drove it to the tire place near the house.

The tires we need are a slightly different size than what is currently on the car – so instead of just replacing the back tires, we are replacing all four so we have the same size all around.

They didn’t have the tires we want in stock, so they are having them sent over from another location, and tonight I will be getting 4 new tires.