Fair, Food, Fireworks!

Here are some of the photos from the fair when Adrienne and I went together to shoot. We went around 7:30-ish I think, so it was dark out . . .

I think this is the smaller ferris wheel – and what happened to the really large one they had every year?
this is actually the other ferris wheel, not a firework 🙂





Photos and Fireworks at the Fair!

Last night Adrienne and I went to the fair (2nd X for me) for a little shooting and a little food. We got there in the evening and stayed for the fireworks . . . we were going to try and get on the ferris wheel for them but we wouldn’t have made it in time and then we didn’t want to spend more money, so we found a nice spot on a grassy hill instead.

I would have photos up, but my laptop power cord died the other night, so I can’t do anything until my next day delivery package arrives with brand spankin’ new cord.

I should have photos up in the next couple of days, so check back!