~ Rashes on Hamsters Might Require Athlete’s Foot Cream

Yes, you read that correctly the first time. No double take needed.

So my roborovski dwarf hamster had this rash starting behind his right ear, was very red, and the hair started thinning out – a lot actually.

So one of the guys at Banfield vet hospital at Petsmart said there were indeed small animal vets that may be around $40 to $60 for the office visit -or- we could try some athlete’s foot cream and see if he had ringworm.

I love my little guy, but between $60 or $5? I went to walmart and got the store brand cream. If it didn’t work out,then I’d worry about a small animal vet visit.

Every other day I took a plastic spoon, put the cream on the tip, and chased Pixel around his house, which was -er, um, exciting -_-

But, I am happy to report that Pixels hair has grown back and back to normal.

SO, if you have a hamster with a rash, you might want to try the athletes foot cream. I only have one hamster, and I keep his house clean, but evidently they can get ringworm even before you bring them home, or it might be genetic.