Cyber Knife Treatment 2 of 3 and a Package from Korea

Today, Gary brought my parents in for my dads second cyber knife radiation treatment.  He has one more in this series and then he will begin his Chemo treatment.


Package from Korea

In the morning I picked up a package from the post office from Korea.  My 엄마 sent me hair accessories, a key chain bunny, and a cosmetic mirror for me and a card case for Gary.  It was all wrapped in pretty pink or red paper with hearts.

I love everything – I don’t think in the U.S. there are any hair accessories that are all sparkly like these.  I wore the first one in the pic, the purple-ish one today ^^

Gary said he is going to use the card case so his business cards stay nice, and I think I will keep the mirror in my make-up case.

Cyber Knife Treatment 1 of 3

Today was my dad’s first cyber knife radiation treatment, 1 of 3

There was about an hour delay because all neurosurgeons were in emergency surgery, and one had to review the cyber knife setup.

They give you something to make you sleep for the treatment so your head and body are still so they can pinpoint treat the area.

Afterwards Gary took them to On the Border for lunch, and my dad had a good appetite 🙂