Stop 2: Antiqua

20111215-205337.jpgToday in Antigua, Gary and I went on the ‘Catamaran, Sail, and Snorkel’ excursion. My dad was having a bit of trouble walking, so my parents didn’t go.

We had a short walk to the catamaran from the ship where we had a tour of the area (picture above on the left).  The picture above on the right is of a fort.  the second down on the right was the private beach we got to swim at for about 30 minutes after the snorkeling, and the bottom right picture was a rainbow that we saw on the way back to our ship.


some photos I took when snorkeling

20111215-205351.jpgTonight, my parents got the bunny/dog on the left, and Gary and I got the bunny with a crab face -lol