~ I’ve Been “Away” Because . . .


In the past few months, maybe more I’ve been “away”.  Not on a trip, and not elsewhere physically, but “away” . . . from popular sites, my blog reader, my blog, my twitter updating, just “away”.

Not completely away, I do skim them occasionally, but I wanted a break from the constant stream of updates from friends, people I know, people I don’t know, and honestly life goes on even if you don’t know every detail going on in the world 😛

So what have I been doing if I’m not reading stuff on the internets, interwebs, and the world wide web?

Playing game of course (duh), I can’t be too far from a ‘puter -haha

Oh, and reading a lot . . . Gary and I go to the local libraries and check out enough books to start our own library.  Mostly because Gary inhales books in a couple days, a day, a few hours?  and I don’t like hopping in the car every time I need new reading material.

Speaking of which, have you heard of the Kindle by Amazon?  I know a few people that have one, and on trips, I have met people that have and love it.  You can get books from anywhere without an internet connection in seconds and it holds over 1,500 books, lets you read newspapers from all over the place . . . read all the features on their site if you are interested. It’s $300 for the latest and greatest one -BUT- I stumbled upon an article (on amazon I believe) that said if you have an ipod touch, or an iphone, they have a Kindle App . . . SWEEET!!

I just downloaded it, along with the Barnes and Noble App (both free).  Looks like I have to sign up for an account so I’ll be doing some comparing, but I’m Super excited!  Whatever books you buy, they keep ’em backed up for you, so if you use their computer reader, or if you have a new device, you don’t lose your books, they sync up.

Now I just need to finish the free e-books I already have on my ipod, and I just found two apps, one for 23,469 free books ($1.99 download), and one for 2,300 free audio books ($0.99 download) . . .

These are gonna be great for our upcoming trips . . . though I wish apple would have an ipod touch that gets internet (basically an iphone that’s not a phone) because I love my blackberry, and more importantly the Verizon Network.  Oh, and make the ipod touches bigger.  If its basically an entertainment device, they don’t need to be as small as their phone.  Phones need to be more pocket portable.  Or offer both and make more money 😀

Ok so I wasn’t planning on this post to be so long 😳 , but basically I’ll post something later once I’ve played more with the ipod kindle/barnes and noble apps.