Valentine’s Day (with a $5 Limit)

First of all, Happy Valentine’s Day!

Some years Gary and I exchange gifts, some years we don’t.  This year, we agreed on a $5 gift limit.

20120214-213501.jpgI picked up a storm trooper lego keychain from the lego store for $5 and some change with tax.  Gary likes R2D2, but he didnt have any arms.  Darth Vader was all black, and cute with the cape, but the stopr trooper has nice contrast.

I cut out a heart out of white printer paper for the storm trooper to hold and filled it in with a pink highlighter and wrote I (heart) U.  Then I made an origami box out of 8.5” x 11” printer paper.  Refresher directions HERE

On the top I drew a large heart in the middle, and smaller hearts surrounding.  I had some bubble wrap, so I cut out a square to put on the top of the box (because it’s bubble wrap, and who doesn’t like bubble wrap?).  On the sides of the box, I wrote in Korean Love, Kiss (english version), and Kiss (Korean Version).  I suppose I could have written ‘hug’, but I didn’t think of it at the time.  On the back I wrote the date in Korean.


We met at a Lebanese place for dinner, and exchanged our gifts.  I got a red long stemmed rose and a card, and inside the card was my gift.  He found a Korean poem, and wrote it in Korean and in English on one of my favourites; paper by Crane.  Apparently it was hard finding the perfect poem with a good translation.


“Love makes me misunderstand you sometimes
considering you might feel that was just like I do.

Forgetting that you have lived with
different experiences that I reckons everything from my point of view.

However, the real love is that we accept the fact that we are different
from each other and narrow the gap between us.

In the end, we will find that we are alike in so many ways.”


It was SO sweet, and made me tear up, that he found such a sweet poem, and that he wrote it in Korean ^^  He’s so sweet, today and all year.

After dinner, we went to a frozen yogurt place a few doors down, then went home, and now we are watching Frasier on Netflix.

A lovely Valentine’s day.

It’s the thought that matters – not how much you spend on a gift