Multi-Functional Tenba Shootout Laptop Bag

Speaking of bags . . .

I always choose bags that are multi-functional. I wanted a laptop bag for my 17″. I got a Tenba Shootout a few weeks ago which can hold my laptop as well as my camera, lenses, and equipment and has tons of pockets! It’s even tall enough to carry a 70-200mm.

The one thing about shoulder bags though is that they will definitely strain your shoulder, so I may eventually get a laptop backpack bag by either Tenba or Lowepro, but since I mostly got this as a laptop bag, I won’t be carrying my gear with me all the time in this bag . . . but it’s nice to know I can!

New Bag! M-Rock Arches

I got a new bag! M-Rock Arches which will be perfect for vacations and actually has more usable space than my Tamrac Adventure 75 Backpack. I tried the Lowepro Sling Shot 300AW, but it was too bulky for me, so I went with the similar M-Rock Arches bag which has more pockets and more usable space for me. It isn’t bulky and since it’s a sling bag I’ll have easy access to my camera and still have the similar support of a backpack 🙂